Litigation software. So much promise, so many overpriced tools.

You've scoured the internet for a solution designed for you. Software that allows you to review and annotate documents, summarize deposition transcripts, and present evidence in a way that captures the jury’s imagination.

The question is: why is the software in this space so ridiculously expensive and, adding insult to injury, so hard to use?

Maybe you’ve tried one of the big companies’ solutions and you’re exhausted with their clunky user interface, complex features you don’t need or want, and lack of integration. Then they make you pay a maintenance fee for their mediocre support, only for them to blame your own computer, or the automatic updates of your operating system.

What’s the use of expensive computer software if no one knows how to use it, or you have to hire someone else to make it work for you?

You're hearing everywhere that the iPad and some astounding litigation apps are scoring big, from small claims matters to large multidistrict litigation. But the IT department wants you to stick with their complicated, time consuming, and expensive recommendations. What would they recommend if they had to actually use it themselves?

Don’t wait until your opposing counsel puts you to shame.

You're going to love LIT SOFTWARE and our suite of apps that help you through each stage of the litigation process. DocReviewPad, TranscriptPad, and TrialPad are lightweight apps with a heavyweight punch.

Have you heard of Summation, TextMap, TrialDirector, etc.? If so, you know it’s all complicated software, sold by big companies, with complicated installs, and maintenance contracts. Think of our apps as lightweight alternatives that give you everything you need and will actually use, at a fraction of their cost. Our apps are inexpensive and intuitive, and are designed, developed, and supported by a small, friendly team (us!) who love to interact with you.

LIT SOFTWARE’s apps allow you to manage your case, and be confident in going up against a larger, well-funded adversary. Imagine being able to review the documents produced by opposing counsel, assigning tags and issue codes as you read them. Imagine being able to scroll through a deposition transcript, highlighting and assigning issue codes, then creating a beautiful summary report. Imagine being able to tap on a document and have it blown up in front of the judge and jury, then creating a callout and highlighting the important sections. Imagine having all these tools for less than the maintenance cost of software from those large companies that have sent salespeople to gouge you for years.

The difference between LIT SOFTWARE and those other companies is that our sole purpose, our mission, is to make it ridiculously easy and cost effective to manage your own software to provide you with the best tools and support.

We think you should have beautiful and lightweight software that allows you to be more productive. Don’t continue to fumble with clumsy software that looks like it was made in the 90’s. Experience software designed for the next decade, not the past.