iPad Pro - Power and Size

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is coming soon, and we’re getting excited. In fact, we have already started testing! We've seen that the additional power of the iPad Pro will make for much faster, better presentations in TrialPad. You'll be able to zip through your review and production processing in DocReviewPad, and transcript pages will be much bigger in TranscriptPad! All our apps will benefit from the bigger screen size!

In anticipation of the iPad Pro, we are working on various new features and improvements for all our apps that take advantage of iOS 9 and that additional power and bigger screen size. Those new features and improvements will be part of updates that will be coming soon (no, we don't have a hard date yet).

But, in the meantime, we thought you might want to at least get an idea of how the much bigger size benefits our apps' user interfaces. So here's a sneak peek of TrialPad: the top image is an iPad Air 2, and the bottom image is the new iPad Pro!

 Size does matter! iPad Air 2 (Top) v. iPad Pro (Bottom)

 Size does matter! iPad Air 2 (Top) v. iPad Pro (Bottom)