Free DocReviewPad Update Available Now


DocReviewPad's latest update is now available for free download on the App Store. See below for the new features and improvements included in this update. 

New Features in This Update

  • Create an Issue Code at the page level! Many of our users suggested being able to apply Issue Codes to individual pages within the document. Start coding, that feature is there!
  • A Redact tool is now available in the tool bar.
  • The Pen and Highlight tools have been separated into their own buttons. Press and hold on the tool button to see tool options!
  • Pressing and holding on the document preview will reveal additional options for quicker review.
  • Use the search tool to search for Bates numbers as well as OCR data, and document name.
  • Added a symbol (!) between Bates ranges to quickly show gaps in the number sequence.

Recently Released

  • Skip Bates numbering on import, and number your documents whenever you are ready, or remove Bates numbers at any time.
  • Split up large documents within DocReviewPad as you review by using the new Split button to "Split Document at Current Page" option.
  • Jump to a specific page by pressing the "X / Y" page number button to get a "Jump to Page" popover.
  • Extract pages from your documents.
  • When creating production sets, you can now filter by the Flagged status of your documents.

Like we've done with TrialPad and TranscriptPad, we'll keep developing DocReviewPad with more features and improvements based on your user feedback. Keep it coming to - and a positive review on the App Store would mean a lot! :)