TrialPad Update - Slide Over is Here!


UPDATE: The article below was written after iOS 9 was released, but with iOS 11 came some major changes. There's no side-of-the-screen swiping any more. Instead, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull up your Dock, and drag the app you want to use onto the right side of the screen. A single Slide Over window appears, showcasing the new app on top of the existing one — but unlike years past, both the Slide Over app and active app can be interacted with simultaneously (if your iPad supports it). This means that  you can use two apps simultaneously without having to constantly open and dismiss a Slide Over app. You can also move the Slide Over panel to either side of the screen at any time, so you're not blocking the content you need. So you can read the blog post below but realize that the latest versions of iOS have made some great improvements.

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 iOS 9 came with a lot of improvements to your iPad, including two special features: Split View and Slide Over.

Split View allows two apps to run side-by-side, however it requires the iPad Air 2, or the forthcoming iPad Pro. We'll be coming out with updates to take advantage of Split View.

Slide Over reveals a list of other apps you can open and view, and you can take advatage of this feature right now if you have one of the following iPad models: iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, or iPad Air 2. Using Slide Over, you can view a presentation outline while presenting with TrialPad. Here's how it works:

First, be sure you have updated your iPad to iOS 9. (You can check this in Settings-> General -> Software Update.) Next, create your presentation outline in the newly updated Notes app on your iPad. The reason to use Notes is that it now has Bulleted List formatting, and wraps the text nicely so your outline is easy to read.

Then, while presenting in TrialPad, use your finger to swipe from the right edge of your screen (see image below). This will activate the new Slide Over feature, and allow you to select the Notes app, and see your outline.

The outline will display on your iPad, as shown below. The best part is that  your audience will not be able to see your outlineThe Slide Over feature and your outline will only be seen on your iPad, not on the TrialPad output screen that the Judge or jury sees.

As you present, you may want to make an annotation, a callout, or display a different document. To do so, just tap on the TrialPad side of the screen to dismiss Slide Over, and your outline will slide off the screen. Access you outline again by swiping from the right edge again.