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...I want to pass on a field update to you.

Maui County is a relatively small jurisdiction — four felony courtrooms and about 17 felony prosecutors. Our use of TrialPad has evolved to this stage: We use a 60” monitor to display for the jury, a 47” monitor on the floor propped up against the jury rail so that defendant, defense counsel, judge and witness can see what the jury sees, Apple TV, a powered splitter, and a wireless photo printer.

A lot of this came from suggestions I read from others in this user group. The judges are impressed with how much more smoothly and quickly our trials go. They have commented that they would like to see all criminal attorneys using TrialPad.

You might be tickled by this story: One of the judges, in an informal discussion, told me of a two month long civil trial that he had presided over. In pretrial discussions, the plaintiff was bragging that he makes enough in one day to pay for the entire trial. The judge then said that if that was true, why can’t he pay $90 for TrialPad, especially when millions of dollars are at stake?

He told them what he was observing prosecutors doing in trial with the app, and strongly encouraged both sides to look into it. You can imagine his frustration after being spoiled with TrialPad in criminal trials, watching both sides in this multi-million dollar civil case using flip charts, dozens of foam boards, and 5x7 photographs that they would pass through the jury.
— Emlyn Higa - Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Wailuku, Hawaii