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As a third year law student in the digital age, I have been exposed to a variety of electronic courtroom trial aids. TrialPad is simply the best out there. This application is easily worth several times its cost. TrialPad’s functionality rivals courtroom technology services that cost thousands of dollars, per trial.

TrialPad walks you through its many features, quickly and clearly. Features like “Callout” allow you to grab the attention of the most distracted of jurors. The application also allows you to plan your next move in advance, without alerting opposing counsel to your strategy.

I have competed in hundreds of mock trials and can safely say that TrialPad will make every advocate’s performance better. If that is not enough, I also know experienced trial attorneys who swear by TrialPad. TrialPad is far and away the most comprehensive and intuitive application available.
— Nicholas S. Gurney, J.D. Candidate, 2016