Baylor’s Top Gun Uses TrialPad!


Today marks the beginning of Baylor University’s Top Gun Mock Trial Competition, which brings together top mock trial competitors from around the country to decide who is the very best. Baylor is known as a leader in legal technology education, and in doing so prepares its students for both the practical and theoretical aspects of the practice of law. At LIT SOFTWARE we’ve heard about Baylor’s approach from other schools, inspired to create their own legal technology programs and prepare their law students for what they’ll face in real practice. We are happy to say that TrialPad and TranscriptPad have become a part of those programs, and in turn a part of the students’ post-graduation law practices.

There are a lot of options for presentation software out there, and some have been tried at mock trial competitions before, but none are as easy to learn and use as TrialPad. Not only that, but most students are already very familiar with the iOS that runs on iPhone and iPad, reducing a traditional legal software learning curve to virtually nothing, and making presentation as simple as plug and play. As a result, a couple months ago, we heard from Baylor about using TrialPad at Top Gun. So, this year, just like in the real world, students will be able to create sophisticated courtroom presentations, presenting documents, videos and evidence right from their iPads, using TrialPad!

As it is every year, the competition at Top Gun 2015 will be steep! It is an honor to be invited to participate, let alone win, and LIT SOFTWARE wishes all the participants the very best this weekend.