iPad Pro and More...

iPad Pro

After watching Apple’s announcements, we at LIT SOFTWARE are really excited by the possibilities the new iPad Pro and its new accessories will offer.  You may have heard that iPad Pro is faster than 80% of PC laptops sold in 2015. This offers to put more power behind our current line of professional apps; TrialPad, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad, and will help us accelerate development of some of our planned upgrades as well as the new apps we have in our pipeline.

On the iPad Pro, the 12.9” screen size, coupled with the new iOS, will add a lot of functionality. For example, imagine bringing up your outlining app of choice right beside a full size version of TrialPad, following your planned line of questioning, while bringing up the corresponding documents for your witness.

As far as iPad Pro accessories, the new Smart Keyboard solves a lot of issues many of the current third party keyboard covers for iPad have. While maintaining the small streamlined profile of the current Smart Covers, the Smart Keyboard eliminates all pairing and charging issues. And the newly announced Apple Pencil for iPad Pro will make creating highlights and annotating documents in DocReviewPad even better and easier.

From our perspective as users and developers, we can see a lot more of the new and possible on our horizon because of iPad Pro. What possibilities do you see?