TrialPad Bookmarks!

The best tool for document organization and presentation on your iPad just got better. Meet TrialPad Bookmarks! After a lot of user requests, the LIT SOFTWARE lab got creating. We rebuilt a lot of our PDF processing, which gives our users some things: even better performance, AND Bookmarks!

Now, when you open a document, you'll see the Bookmark icon at the top right of your screen. As with all our tools, it’s easy to use, and intuitive. Just press the Bookmark icon, tap on Add Bookmark, and you'll have bookmarked the page. The default name is the page number, but you can rename it to anything you like (e.g. Trade Dress Clause), and you can make as many bookmarks as there are pages in your document.

How does this help? Once you've bookmarked a page, you can quickly jump to it by simply pressing the Bookmark icon and tap on the bookmark. Especially for documents with a high page count, you will now quickly access the sections you need in each without any scrolling.

We’ve also added a Jump to Page option! Just tap on the Page X of Y indicator in the top right and type in the page you want to jump to! Handy if you’ve imported a 300 page deposition in PDF format and quickly want to jump straight to page 234.

See Bookmarks in action on YouTube: