TrialPad 4 - How to Tell if You Have It

TrialPad was originally developed in 2010 and has since gone on to redefine trial presentation in courtrooms across the country. Once the exclusive domain of trial consultants running expensive software and hardware, trial presentation is now available to all with one easy to use iPad app. Many litigators love and use it daily.

LIT SOFTWARE created and released the second generation TrialPad two years ago to  take advantage of the power and the improvements of new iPad hardware and a better faster operating system. TrialPad 4 is a completely new app, and has many invaluable new features and improvements over the first generation. To assist our first generation TrialPad 3 users we emailed everyone who had registered their email address with us about the new TrialPad 4. Nevertheless, two years later, some users are still working with TrialPad 3! To still be able to use TrialPad 3 shows how much reliability and sustainability we take pride in building into our apps, but if you aren’t using TrialPad 4 you aren’t using the best any more.

Some of our users have written in asking how to tell if they have the latest and best iteration of TrialPad. Here are three ways to tell:

1) Take a look at the app icons below. The one to the left is for TrialPad 4.

2) Open TrialPad. The Cases Screen should have a light gray background look something like the below image:

3) Open TrialPad and press the information icon at the upper left. The Settings drop down will show the version at the top.

If you need to download TrialPad 4. Here is a link to the App Store: