Why Won’t You Get The New TrialPad Update?

LIT SOFTWARE is excited to announce that we have submitted our latest update of TrialPad to Apple. We are very excited to say that it will have iPad Pro resolution support, and have a number of new features and improvements, with more coming on the way. We’re sure our users will love the update, but some of you won’t be able to get it. Here’s why:

When we introduced TrialPad in December 2010, it was the first iPad app of its kind that allowed users to give trial presentations without complicated and expensive desktop software, or hiring costly trial presentation consultants. TrialPad put enormous power and control in the hands of legal professionals and saved firms and their clients thousands of dollars. Like the iPad itself, TrialPad was a brand new idea, and we think it has been pretty revolutionary. But remember the original iPad? It was 0.50 inches thick (compared to 0.27 of the new iPad Pro), and weighed 1.5 pounds (about the same as the iPad Pro).

Outside of physical comparisons, the software capabilities also drastically improved since the original iPad was released. A big pivot point was the advent of iOS 7 in late 2013. Sure, the app icons changed, but iOS 7 brought enormous under the hood improvements to the iPad.

LIT SOFTWARE got to work creating the second generation TrialPad. The result was an app that was just as easy to use, but that took advantage of the power and the improvements of the new hardware and operating system. TrialPad 4 was released as a completely new app, and came with many invaluable new features and improvements. To assist our first generation TrialPad 3 users we emailed everyone who had registered their email address with us about the new TrialPad 4. Nevertheless, two years later, some users are still working with TrialPad 3! That shows how much reliability and sustainability we put into our apps.

Apple continues to improve the hardware and operating system of the iPad, including recently introducing the iPad Pro, which is more powerful than many laptop computers. And we continue to update and innovate TrialPad to make sure our users have the best, most cutting edge presentation app available.

If you’re still a generation behind, you aren’t getting updates, and you simply aren’t using the best any more. It's time to get TrialPad 4. Here is a link to download it now:  https://appsto.re/us/C0OyX.i

Find out if you are up to date.