TrialPad 4.5 Release Brings a Truly a "Pro" App to the App Store

We are excited to announce that TrialPad 4.5 is here! TrialPad 4.5 adds iPad Pro support to TrialPad, along with several other new features and improvements. 

iPad Pro Support
TrialPad is sharper and crisper than ever before, and now features a layout designed to be viewed on your iPad Pro. You'll be able to view more cases on the Cases Screen, and display longer file names and descriptions in the Document List! Even though TrialPad is now officially designed to take advantage of the 12.9" screen resolution, it still supports and is compatible with the 9.7" iPad.

Pro Accessories Support
TrialPad 4.5 includes support for the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. We've created custom keyboard shortcuts for TrialPad! Access TrialPad's Search tool by pressing Command+F on the keyboard, and typing your search term! Apple Pencil support brings precision to annotations, callouts, and the laser tool.

Annotations Updated
In TrialPad 4.5, the highlight tool can now overlap with another highlight seamlessly, and the straight line tool will now intuitively snap to 90 degree angles. We've also added a brand new Snapshot tool! Snapshot allows you to save an image of a document with all the annotations and callouts. The snapshots are collected in a new Snapshots folder, and can be printed or exported to another app like Keynote.

Key Docs Improved
TrialPad 4.5 integrates even better with DocReviewPad. Page-level Issue Codes in DocReviewPad production sets will now automatically come into TrialPad as Key Docs. Within TrialPad 4.5, Key Docs can now also be created from multiple documents and/or folders of documents.

User Guide Update
The TrialPad 4.5 User Guide is now available within TrialPad as a PDF. Open it on your iPad, or download and print or email it!

Check out all the update details by reading the TrialPad 4.5 release notes on the App Store - and download the update today!