Future Top Litigators Succeed with TrialPad

Last year, Baylor University reached out to LIT SOFTWARE to ask about having students use TrialPad in the Top Gun National Mock Trial Competition. Though optional, the students readily embraced, and very effectively used TrialPad, including the two finalists, Rahul Hari of NYU and Ben Wallace of Yale. (Check out the video of the final round on Baylor’s website). Mr. Hari won, and spoke enthusiastically to LIT SOFTWARE about using TrialPad to present his evidence, and win his case and the Top Gun title.

For the 2016 competition, Baylor encouraged the competitors to use TrialPad again, even drafting this year’s problem in a way that the students would need to use it to succeed.

The two finalists were Rahul Hari of NYU and Ben Wallace of Yale AGAIN. This year, Mr. Wallace won. LIT SOFTWARE sends its congratulations to both Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hari (and to whichever law firms have the good fortune to hire them when they finish school)!