Deploying Apps Made Easy

We've received many emails from lawyers and law firm administrators who want to roll out our apps to other lawyers or paralegals in their firm. Why? Not just because they're so easy and powerful, but because buying the latest 9.7" iPad Pro AND all three of our apps (TrialPad, TranscriptPad, DocReviewPad) costs less than JUST the comparable PC trial presentation program! And that's before you even add in the cost of a complicated PC laptop to run it on!

Because all our apps are very effective, and straightforward to use, and there are no yearly "maintenance" fees, law firms love our apps. So how can you get them for your team? To prevent the headache of asking each user to purchase it and submit a reimbursement request, and all the paperwork and accounting that goes with it, just use the Gift option to send everyone a copy of the apps.

Gifting apps on the App Store is easy to do. Tap on the image below to view or print out step-by-step instructions: