Featured Pro: Joseph P. Tunstall, Esq.

Featured Pro

After reading an excellent article in the October 2017 issue of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice’s Trial Briefs magazine, LIT SOFTWARE decided to feature the author, Joseph P. Tunstall, Esq. as our latest Featured Pro!

Mr. Tunstall, of O'Malley, Tunstall in Raleigh, North Carolina, started using TrialPad after his laptop froze during a trial back in 2010. He had heard about other people using only their iPads to try cases. Within the next year he saw a presentation from an attorney who used only an iPad and Apple TV and was hooked. Mr. tunstall has now tried over 20 cases using only his iPad. He told us, "I’ve used a TV and I’ve used a projector, but I will always use TrialPad."

TOP TIP: "Put EVERY document that you may think you may want to use into the system, because you can then find and use it VERY quickly during trial."

Check out the article for more words of wisdom! OR Download TrialPad now