Final Bundle Sale!

LIT SOFTWARE is offering the Ultimate Litigation Bundle at a big discount for the last week of 2018! This is the last opportunity to download our app bundle (TrialPadTranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad), or complete your bundle, at a significantly reduced price.

This final bundle sale sale will only last from:
December 24 - December 31, 2018
The cost will be $249.99 for all three apps!
That's a savings of $50.00 if purchased separately.

We're incredibly proud that our apps have been ranked 5️⃣ and 6️⃣ on the list of the most popular apps in the 2018 ABA Technology Survey!  Read all about the survey in’s recent blog post.


It's been no secret that we'll be transitioning to a subscription model, we announced it over a year ago. We've been working on the best solution for our customers, and believe we have a win-win situation for both our users and LIT SOFTWARE.

It will allow our development team to grow alongside our user base, provide even better customer support, add user requested features and improvements more rapidly, create better support and training documentation, and continue to provide the same level of quality and reliability you've come to expect from us. All this will make LIT SOFTWARE the platform you can rely on for all your litigation software needs.

With a subscription our users won't have to worry about upfront costs, or whether the the app they just purchased is at the end of its lifecycle, or having to wait for major updates to get new features (the apps will be updated as new features become available). There also won't be any maintenance or support costs  (which is a favorite of the traditional software vendors ).

We're going to offer a simple annual subscription for all our apps which means the cost can be budgeted, and you'll always be receiving the latest new features and improvements.


We've been working on big updates to TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad. There are too many new features and improvements to list here. Just know that we've read every support email you've sent, listened to all your feature requests, and taken your critiques seriously.

This subscription will be called the LIT SUITE™, and this is where all our development efforts will be focused going forward. So when we introduce a new feature (or a new app ) it will only be available to our LIT SUITE members.

The existing versions of our current apps will be sunsetted over the course of 2019, and they'll be replaced by the new LIT SUITE apps. Our existing customers of our current apps will be able to take advantage of a special discount when they sign up for the LIT SUITE membership. So if you've been considering trying out our apps, or you're an existing user wanting to complete your bundle, feel free to take advantage of this offer.

Once we switch over to the LIT SUITE, owners of any of our existing apps will will have an opportunity to upgrade to the new LIT SUITE at a discounted subscription cost. This discounted subscription will remain in effect as long as members maintain their membership, which adds up to significant savings over time! We want to reward our early supporters after all 

We are very excited about what we’ll be able to offer with the LIT SUITE, and hope you’ll stay tuned as we make some great announcements over the coming months.