Building Trial Skills with NITA

Yesterday, the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) put on a Building Trial Skills program at Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad College of Law. Like many of NITA's programs, this was an opportunity for lawyers from across the country to receive hands-on trial skills training in a courtroom setting. Among other things, the program focuses on case analysis, witness control, direct and cross examinations, and introduction of exhibits.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to learn and use presentation technology, now commonplace in today's courtrooms, and expected by judges and juries alike. To accomplish this important piece of the program, NITA selected TrialPad, giving the attendees purpose-loaded iPads to be used with the skill building case studies, and then invited LIT SOFTWARE to attend, give a quick tutorial, and answer questions.

Why TrialPad? There's no better tool for instant-use purposes than TrialPad. Presentation with paper and posters alone isn't the reality in courtrooms anymore. Bringing laptops and all the necessary peripherals to a podium to question a witness and present documents is as clumsy as the costly presentation programs that run on them. TrialPad is quick and easy to learn, and portable enough to stand up, connect, ask a couple questions, and introduce a few exhibits, making it a great addition to any trial skills workshop (connecting TrialPad to an Apple TV can also allow attendees to walk around the courtroom while presenting evidence, and further honing their trial skills). With increasing speed, well-known organizations like NITA, as well as undergraduate schools and law schools across the country, pick up TrialPad, plug in, and present.

You can pick up TrialPad too. Tap here.