To Beta or Not to Beta? Apple's iPadOS 13 Isn't Ready For Installation on Your Primary iPad Device

iPadOS 13 With Apps copy.jpg

As we mentioned in our WWDC summary blog post, Apple has some really exciting plans on the horizon, many of which will positively effect our ability to continue to create and support great apps. Some of the most interesting revelations revolve around new features in iPadOS 13. As you may know, iPadOS 13 is now available for public beta testing, and you may be as excited as we are to take the new features for a test drive, but you shouldn’t!

Public betas are a great way for a company like Apple to crowdsource software issues and bug reports. Those who download public betas get a preview of new features and the ability to give Apple feedback about them. But, the chance to open your presents early comes with a cost. The nature of a beta is that many of the features of the new iPadOS aren’t ready for prime time, and many apps may lose some functionality in the beta process. A beta is fluid—always fixing and updating aspects of the software. So, some apps may work perfectly at the outset, but a later update may cause issues, or vice versa.

As a LIT SOFTWARE user, there’s a good chance you use our apps for your work, that they contain work product, that you rely on them for day-to-day work, and that you will need them in a courtroom. In short, our apps aren’t games. Consider Apple’s own words of warning in its introduction about the new iPadOS beta on its developer portal, “Important Note for Thrill Seekers: If you’re interested in living on the edge...”. 

If you need to get your hands on the newest and the latest, you can, and your efforts in beta testing will help Apple and everyone who will use iPadOS. If you’re still interested in living on the edge, our recommendation is to install it on a secondary device - one that you do not rely on for your legal practice or your client matters.

If you already installed it, and you don’t have another iPad device, here are a couple links you’ll want to know about:

Unenroll your device from the public beta:

Restore your backup of iOS 12: