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The award winning iPad app that’s the easiest and most effective way to organize and present evidence


Reliability is not an optional feature in trial. We’ve been in the trial presentation hot seat, and we know how long ten seconds can be in front of a judge. TrialPad just works.

Import Options

We know that each of our users is unique, as are their practices. So we put in import options for everyone. TrialPad works with iTunes, email, other apps, WebDAV, Dropbox, and Box.com. Whatever your workflow, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re presenting with TrialPad, you’ve already gone to law school, and probably don’t want to spend hours learning a new technology. So, we made TrialPad as simple to learn as it is powerful to use.


TrialPad’s archive function allows you to backup your case when it is continued – saving all your annotations and KeyDocs. You can also use this function to share your entire case folder with another TrialPad user, or to duplicate your case onto another iPad. Additionally, with password protection, remote wipe capability, and iCloud backup, if you lose or accidentally break your iPad, you can be up and running in very little time without losing any of your work.