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Organize, annotate, highlight, and callout documents; then dynamically present at trial or mediation

Download TrialPad from the App Store today, and start your 7 day free trial, with no limitations or restrictions using your own documents and evidence!


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Dynamic Jury Engagement

Establish a profound connection with the jury through compelling wireless presentations that leave a lasting impact, ensuring your case resonates with clarity and conviction.


Custom Exhibit Stickers

Enhance professionalism and organization by easily adding custom exhibit stickers, complete with your case information, which increment automatically, ensuring seamless tracking of exhibits.

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Emphasis on Key Details

Elevate your presentation with precision by drawing attention to crucial portions of your documents, leveraging the callout, highlight, annotate, and zoom tools to deliver an impactful narrative.


Effortless Evidence Integration

Seamlessly import crucial evidence from a variety of sources, including your preferred cloud storage provider, USB drives, email attachments, or direct connections to your computer, facilitating swift and secure data retrieval.

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Presenter Notes Integration

Keep your examination outline at your fingertips by seamlessly integrating it into presenter notes, allowing for a smooth and comprehensive presentation.


Effortless Document Comparison

Display documents side-by-side and employ the callout tool to compare or contrast sections from each page, enabling an in-depth analysis that underscores your arguments.

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Streamlined Document Organization

Efficiently categorize annotated versions of key documents into issue or witness folders, fostering clarity and accessibility throughout your presentation.


Robust Search Capabilities

Easily locate specific documents by name or employ OCR data search within the text of all documents, ensuring rapid access to crucial information.


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Multimedia Playback and Editing

Seamlessly play audio and video files, edit clips, and capture still frames, enabling you to present multimedia evidence with precision and clarity.


Professional Reports

Craft visually stunning reports encompassing all your evidence, presenter notes, or an automatic log of what was presented, ensuring a comprehensive and polished record of your trial proceedings.


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