DocReviewPad is an easy-to-use iPad app to review documentsassign Bates numbersgenerate reports, and create production sets

DocReviewPad makes it easy to import your universe of documents, assign custom Bates numbers with up to 6 letters and 9 numbers that automatically increment on every page (e.g. ACMECO-123456789); then review the documents and assign built-in tags for Confidential, Privileged, Responsive, or Relevant (assigning the Confidential tag also places the word CONFIDENTIAL next to the Bates number on every page of that document, very important!).

You can also create your own custom color-coded Issue Codes to assign to documents (e.g. Affirmative Defense), annotate them with the Highlight or Pen tools, or assign a Flag with a Note (the digital version of a sticky note!).

Once you’ve reviewed your documents, you can export a set that meets specific criteria, e.g. only documents that have been reviewed, and are tagged as Relevant, but exclude documents tagged as Privileged. These documents can be imported directly to TrialPad, automatically creating Key Doc folders for each Issue Code.

You could spend thousands on powerful and overly complex desktop software and hardware, with per-seat licenses and yearly maintenance fees, or you can get an iPad app that’s far easier to use, a fraction of the price, and has all the features you need and want.