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Review, organize, issue code, and bates stamp documents; then create production sets with detailed reports

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Precision Tagging and Issue Coding

Empower your review process by effortlessly assigning tags and custom issue codes to individual pages or entire documents, ensuring meticulous organization and seamless categorization.



Customizable Bates Numbers

Tailor your document identification with fully customizable bates numbers, offering an array of choices for size, border, color, and placement, adding a professional touch to your documents.

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DCR iPad 03


Interactive PDF Transcripts

Elevate your review experience with PDF transcripts, complete with sticky notes and comprehensive annotation tools, enabling a deeper understanding and insightful analysis.



Effortless Evidence Integration

Seamlessly import crucial evidence from a variety of sources, including your preferred cloud storage provider, USB drives, email attachments, or direct connections to your computer, facilitating swift and secure data retrieval.

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DCR iPad 05


Simplified Export Options

Streamline your production sets with granular export options, encompassing naming conventions, annotations, export destinations, and the exclusion of confidential files, ensuring a seamless workflow.



Efficient Sticky Notes Management

Place multiple sticky notes on pages with the text effortlessly exported to custom reports, promoting enhanced collaboration and note-sharing among your team.

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DCR iPad 07


Comprehensive Reports

Automatically generate detailed reports that accompany your exports, providing invaluable insights such as bates range, tags, issue codes, and notes, facilitating clear and concise communication.



Robust Search Capabilities

Easily locate specific documents by name or employ OCR data search within the text of all documents, ensuring rapid access to crucial information.

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Document Manipulation

Divide existing documents or extract specific pages to create new documents, giving you unparalleled control over your document review and organization.



Visual Document Insights

Quickly identify documents with annotations, tags, issue codes, and sticky notes, so no critical detail goes unnoticed, and ensuring an organized review process.

DCR iPad 10