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Featured Pros

Featured Pros are real-life LIT SOFTWARE customers who have shared their experiences, successes, and advice.

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Featured Pro: Paul Motz

Paul Motz is a trial lawyer. His practice focuses on complex commercial and tort litigation disputes, trying large-scale matters involving product ...
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Featured Pros: Chris Placitella and Jared Placitella

When it comes to legal preparation and presentation advice, the truth is: What works for you is what works for you. Our latest Featured Pros are an ...
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Featured Pro: Mark LeWinter, Litigation Trainer - UPDATED!

Shortly before retiring from his firm, after two years of preparation and two weeks of trial, a jury awarded $25 million to Mark LeWinter’s client. ...
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Featured Pro: Brett Burney, iPad Trainer for Lawyers

Introducing Brett Burney: LIT SOFTWARE is excited to announce that Brett Burney and Burney Consultants offer an amazing training experience on the ...
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Backing Up and Sharing Case Files is Easy!

If you’ve worked long hours creating and assigning issue codes, organizing witness folders, or making video clips, you owe it to yourself to have a ...
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ExhibitsPad in Action!

Today’s Feature is from Tom Vidal, who is a trial lawyer and partner in Pryor Cashman’s Litigation, Media and Entertainment, Intellectual Property, ...
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Featured Tip: Labeling Exhibits Using Letters

In many trials, the parties are asked to pre-mark their exhibits, and sometimes it’s as easy as starting with PX-01 for the plaintiff and DX-01 for ...
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Featured Tip: Practice Anywhere with the LIT SUITE

Featured Tip: Practice Anywhere with the LIT SUITE Today’s Featured Tip from a customer in sunny Florida shows that you can practice anywhere with ...
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Featured Pro: Evan Walker

Evan Walker is a solo law practitioner, and to properly describe his practice, it is important to emphasize the word solo. Though based in swishy ...
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Featured Pro: Jimmy Wilkins - UPDATED!

Jimmy Wilkins is a trial attorney who practices in the areas of general product liability defense, premises litigation, insurance defense, and ...
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Create a Quick Demonstrative Using Keynote and TrialPad

If you have ever been in trial and thought that you'd like to create a quick graphic to drive home a point or visualize an argument, it’s easy to do. ...
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Featured Pro: Nicole Snapp-Holloway

Nicole Snapp-Holloway is an attorney at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst, PLLC in Edmond, Oklahoma. Nicole has been in practice for 23 years, focusing ...
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