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Review, search, issue code, and highlight transcripts; then create summary and impeachment reports

Download TranscriptPad from the App Store today, and start your 7 day free trial, with no limitations or restrictions using your own transcripts and evidence!


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Enhanced Transcript Control

Take command of your deposition transcripts with the ability to create designations and assign issue codes, while also offering options to highlight, underline, redact, or add notes, ensuring meticulous transcript analysis.


Lightning-Fast Search Functionality

Instantly search through depositions or scan your entire case's transcripts with ease, providing page and line references at your fingertips, enabling rapid information retrieval.

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Seamless Video Deposition Integration

Seamlessly sync and edit video depositions, preview video testimony, and export clips complete with subtitles to enhance your presentation through TrialPad.


Effortless Evidence Integration

Seamlessly import crucial evidence from a variety of sources, including your preferred cloud storage provider, USB drives, email attachments, or direct connections to your computer, facilitating swift and secure data retrieval.

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Annotate Search Results

Utilize the Annotate Search Results feature to expedite your analysis by assigning issue codes, highlights, or comprehensive annotations to entire Q&A blocks derived from your search results.


Robust Reporting Options

Create powerful and visually engaging reports in multiple formats, including PDF, TXT, and Excel, ideal for summaries, motions, and impactful presentations.

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TRA iPad 07


Elegant Deposition Summaries

Craft stunning deposition summaries with flags, notes, and redactions, organized chronologically or by issue code, providing a clear and concise overview of your case.


Impeccable Impeachment Slides

Generate and export impactful impeachment slides, thoughtfully formatted to include designation information, for compelling presentations using TrialPad.

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TRA iPad 09


Tailored Reading Experience

Customize your transcript reading experience with the ability to select fonts, sizes, and bolded questions, ensuring optimal comfort and readability.


Hands-Free Reading and Audio Assistance

Auto-scroll through transcripts for hands-free reading or opt to have the transcript read aloud, complete with different voices for questions and answers, offering both convenience and accessibility.

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