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LIT SUITE Training

Schedule a one-hour training session with a LIT SOFTWARE team member! This remote training session, for up to 10 attendees, can be for lawyers, support staff, or IT personnel, and is tailored to whatever is needed to help you succeed with the LIT SUITE!

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Third-party Trainers

LIT SOFTWARE is working to create a network of experienced third-party trainers for remote or in-person training! Below are excellent resources for case-specific and firm-specific training and support to get you started.


Meet with Brett Burney of Burney Consultants for One-on-One Training via Zoom

LIT SOFTWARE is excited to introduce Brett Burney to all customers interested in remote training. We recommend Brett and Burney Consultants because he is an expert in law firm training, and also an expert on our apps. He's a lawyer and has a wealth of experience working with lawyers and law firms of all practice areas and sizes. Brett does one-on-one training by Zoom so that he can share his iPad screen with you. Schedule training for you and your firm using Brett’s calendar on this page.

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About Brett Burney

Always eager to encourage legal professionals to take better advantage of technology, Brett helps law firms with their e-discovery challenges and teaches lawyers how to integrate Macs and iOS devices into their practices.

Brett regularly posts app review videos on his Apps in Law blog and co-hosts a weekly podcast called In the News Brett also offers several online courses called iPractice on an iPad to help legal professionals better understand how to utilize the iPad in their practice.


In 2015, Brett served at the Chair of the Planning Board for the annual ABA TECHSHOW and is the author of the ABA-published book “Macs in Law: The Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using

Brett has been teaching lawyers and legal professionals how to integrate the iPad into their practice since 2010 when Apple introduced the iPad to the world, and Brett immediately saw its potential and usefulness for the legal world. Since then, Brett has presented dozens of CLEs for bar associations and legal organizations.

Meet with Mark LeWinter of for One-on-One Training via Zoom

LIT SOFTWARE is excited to announce Featured Pro Mark LeWinter for customers interested in remote training. We recommend Mark and TrialbyPad because he is an experienced litigator who has used our apps in preparation and presentation since they were first released. Mark does one-on-one training by Zoom so that he can share his screen with you. Mark focuses on taking your trial preparation and advocacy to the next level with the LIT SUITE. Schedule training for you and your firm using Mark’s calendar on this page.

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About Mark LeWinter

Mark LeWinter, a longstanding national board member of “ABOTA” (American Board of Trial Advocates) is continuing his passion for litigation and advocacy by teaching other lawyers how to leverage technology to prepare and present their cases at trial. Mark told us that he is “passionate about litigation and advocacy, and found a new passion in working up a case remotely, entirely on a Mac and iPad, and being able to hold your whole case in your hands.”

Mark has been trying civil negligence and product liability cases for over 40 years, and has a long history of using technology to elevate and streamline his practice and advocacy of his clients. 


When the iPad debuted, its portability and touch-gesture interface appealed to Mark’s natural fasciation with technology. Mark adopted the first version of TrialPad very early on. It rapidly became second nature, and he found himself using TrialPad and the iPad for presentation and organizing all his documents and exhibits. The first case in which Mark used TrialPad exclusively was a tourism case in 2016 which settled pre-trial for $12.5 million.

When the LIT SUITE came out, Mark found that it was seamlessly integrated and soon stopped using all other software. He never looked back.

IPV Litigation Services

Contact IPV Litigation Services for In-Courtroom Support, or to Schedule LIT SUITE Training

IPV Litigation Services Logo

IPV Litigation Services

IPV Litigation Services has been providing technology support to the legal profession for over 35 years; pioneering videotaped depositions and multimedia trial support in the Pittsburgh, PA market, and now offering those services throughout the United States. Through their work with LIT SOFTWARE and the streamlining of courtroom technology, IPV Litigation Services is pleased to offer advanced technology trial support services nationwide.


As co-developers with LIT SOFTWARE of the LIT SUITE Certified and LIT SUITE Certified Trainer programs, IPV Litigation Services offers the first LIT SUITE Certified technicians in the world. IPV Litigation Services can bring the power of advanced multimedia trial presentation to your trials in all 50 states and Canada. Contact them for training and presentation support at

Not Ready for Training Just Yet?

There are a couple self-help options to help you get started. Check out the LIT SOFTWARE YouTube channel which will take you through overviews of each app and the different tools and functionality. The idea is to watch and pause the video, following along on your iPad.

Learn more about the LIT SUITE with the searchable support articles, FAQs, and how-to videos found on our Help Center.