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Dynamic Jury Engagment

Establish a profound connection with the jury through a wireless presentation that leaves a lasting impact, ensuring your case resonates with clarity and conviction.

In the courtroom, effective communication is about more than presenting facts; it's about connecting with the jury on a human level and helping them to understand and empathize with your case. In the age of technology, TrialPad has revolutionized the way attorneys present evidence, enabling you to create compelling wireless presentations that leave a lasting impact.

A great courtroom presentation is ideally a directed conversation with the witness, observed by the jury. However, legacy presentation tools have created barriers to this ideal. Foamboard exhibits, laptops with peripherals, and overhead projectors present physical barriers in the courtroom, while courtroom presentation technicians introduce the barrier of a disinterested party into the conversation between the questioning attorney and the witness. All of the above also take more of the court’s time than is necessary.

With TrialPad’s wireless presentation capability, your iPad is as portable as a legal notepad, and because it is driven by simple touch gestures, you can present as you conduct your witness examinations.

TRI Bento 8

The ability to present wirelessly is an enormous advantage when engaging with a jury in a courtroom setting. Wireless presentation allows you to be flexible as you position yourself in the courtroom during direct- and cross-examination. Even if you are most comfortable presenting from a lectern, a wireless presentation allows you to move from counsel table to the lectern and back with ease.

Touch gestures drive your presentation in TrialPad, so selecting a document and creating a highlight or a callout is a matter of three quick taps.

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Even easier is the ability to direct your witness to a detail in a photograph using the laser tool, or circle a location on a map with the pen tool.

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TrialPad was designed to allow you to present for yourself by streamlining the presentation and the equipment necessary. And TrialPad has all the tools of professional legal presentation software, without the complexity of Windows-based and cloud-based programs.

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TrialPad is a catalyst for establishing a profound connection with the jury. By leveraging its features to craft compelling wireless presentations, you can ensure that your case resonates with clarity and conviction, leaving a lasting impact on the minds of jurors long after the trial is over.

David Greenstone, Esq. a catastrophic injury, product liability, and mass tort lawyer has presented many large cases to juries using TrialPad, and says, “TrialPad is so user-friendly that using it in a courtroom actually humanizes the presenter.” Learn more about how David uses TrialPad:

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