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Enhanced Transcript Control

Take command of your deposition transcripts with the ability to create designations and assign issue codes, while also offering options to highlight, underline, redact, or add notes, ensuring meticulous transcript analysis.

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TranscriptPad is a fantastic tool for reading, searching, and summarizing your transcripts. In the paper transcript world, many lawyers are familiar with highlighting and flagging important sections of a transcript. TranscriptPad allows you to do that, and much more.

Simply click/tap on the blue line numbers to designate a section in TranscriptPad. You can click/tap in any order. If you read a section, recognize it is important, and click/tap the last line just click/tap the line at the start of the section to create a designation.

The resulting popover has options for highlighting and underlining. More importantly, you can create a custom Issue Code. While a highlight might indicate that a section of a transcript is important, Issue Codes describe why the section is important. Popular Issue Codes include “damages”, “background”, “liability”, “contract” and more.

iPad showing TranscriptPad popover to highlight, underline, and create issue codes

Tap the flag icon in the popover to add a flag with a note to further indicate why a section is important. Flags and notes are commonly used to indicate the basis of an objection, or reference contradictory testimony from another transcript.

iPad showing TranscriptPad popover to create a flag and add a note to the transcript

With TranscriptPad, reviewing is made easy. Just read and tap!

Brandon Osterbind, Esq. a personal injury and civil litigation lawyer from Central Virginia says that “Using TranscriptPad is 1,000 times easier than reading it with paper and doing summaries”. Read more about how Brandon uses TranscriptPad:

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Get started with the TranscriptPad Overview Video, available in our Help Center: