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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWARESep 26, 2022 12:00:00 AM1 min read

ExhibitsPad in Action!


Today’s Feature is from Tom Vidal, who is a trial lawyer and partner in Pryor Cashman’s Litigation, Media and Entertainment, Intellectual Property, and Technology Groups in Los Angeles, CA. Tom emailed this week about his recent experience using ExhibitsPad in a jury trial:

“I just finished a two-week copyright trial… This was my first time using ExhibitsPad in a real case with a real jury. It was awesome. The Court was agreeable to let us do this. We had an 8 person jury, so we put our entire exhibit set—including the multimedia—on 10 iPads (one each for judge and courtroom deputy). The iPads that we rented still had lightning connectors, so I had to get the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. The morning we closed, opposing counsel and I met with the clerk to compare her official list of admitted exhibits with our thumbdrive of exhibits for the juror iPads. We got approval to move forward. Uploading the documents into ExhibitsPad took — no joke — about 22 seconds. We installed the exhibits, set up guided access, changed the settings in ExhibitsPad so the jurors couldn’t accidentally go back to the Home Screen, and the whole process took maybe 10 minutes.

They LOVED the convenience and how easy it was to access and navigate the exhibits.

Here is the part you’ll appreciate most. The courtroom deputy was a little skeptical about using the iPads — not against it, at all, but skeptical. When the jurors returned with their verdict the clerk told me that the jury raved to her about how great the iPads were. They LOVED the convenience and how easy it was to access and navigate the exhibits. Thought you’d appreciate hearing this news from the field.”

A big thanks to Tom for sharing this experience! ExhibitsPad makes a great companion to the LIT SUITE for all the reasons Tom outlined and more! You can download ExhibitsPad from the App Store, and install it on up to 24 iPad devices, regardless of Apple ID. Try it today!