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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREAug 8, 2017 12:00:00 AM1 min read

Featured Pro: Chase Ware


Chase Ware is the owner of The Trial Group based in Arlington, TX. Though he is based in Texas, his firm does trial support work all over the country. Most of the trials he handles are asbestos cases involving huge document productions and several weeks of trial at a time.

He has personally been in courtrooms in Boston, Chicago, Iowa, and beyond. In his travels, Chase often finds himself in a courtroom with other trial presentation companies that are typically using older PC-based trial presentation programs.

Chase has been doing trial presentation for many years and can instantly recognize which software the opposing counsel’s company is using. In fact, he owns and can use that software himself. Still, he chooses TrialPad for his clients. Why? 

One: Pre-trial preparation is streamlined. Part of this is just the way Chase runs his company. He preps all documents and graphics with the attorney on the front end. Instead of dumping them into a program, they are properly named for easy organization within TrialPad, making finding an exhibit or creating an exhibit sticker and applying it to a document a very simple proposition. 

Two: The entire courtroom presentation is smoother with TrialPad. With other programs, there are interruptions from barcode scanning, or the occasional spinning circle on the screen while the entire courtroom waits for a document to load.

Three: The physical technology part is also easier to set up and lighter to transport. While PC software is ideally used with an extended monitor as well as a presentation screen, TrialPad is plug-and-play. The annotation tools in TrialPad are easier to find and use, and without a mouse and other necessary peripherals, the presentation kit itself is considerably smaller. Multiply that presentation kit times two (because every good trial presentation company will have a backup of everything), and there are significant savings in pre-trial setup time and cross-country equipment shipping costs.

Easy-to-use technology works well for presentation professionals and legal practitioners alike. No matter your case or level of technology experience, you can use TrialPad for your next trial presentation. Download it now - or hire a pro like Chase at The Trial Group to present it for you.