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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREMar 8, 2017 12:00:00 AM1 min read

Featured Pro: Eric S.


Eric S. is an attorney in a Federal Government Agency. Because of his position, he asked us to keep the exact agency and his full name a secret, but he is happy to share how he uses LIT SOFTWARE apps to make his practice of law much easier, and much more effective.

Eric starts with DocReviewPad, bringing in all relevant case materials, and organizing them by splitting, naming, and renaming the documents, and assigning Bates numbers. Once everything is organized, his real work begins. Eric’s position is unique in two ways: first, he works on eight to ten matters at a time, and second, it requires him to conduct the initial investigation into claims by interviewing all the parties involved. He then makes a case merit determination to a federal panel on whether to settle or litigate.

The investigation part of the job often involves travel, and having an iPad with every case and its documents is a huge benefit. As he sits down to interviews, he can bring up any document and review it with the interviewee. The matter travels with him, along with the other eight to ten he may be working on, all password protected, fully backed up, and retrievable. This means Eric can do multiple interviews, on multiple cases, in a single day making scheduling and travel much more efficient.

He’s mobile, efficient, and so effective that he’s earned his nickname “The Hammer” with a 93%-94% trial success rate.

After the interview phase is complete, all relevant documents are easily exported from DocReviewPad directly into TrialPad, and the merit presentation to the panel is already prepared. Eric can easily bring up and discuss all the key information in a case, as well as his findings in the interviews. The same case and documents he used in TrialPad for the merit presentation can be kept and re-presented if the matter is referred for trial.

Eric has replaced “reams and reams” of witness testimony, documents, and court records with an iPad. He’s mobile, efficient, and so effective that he’s earned his nickname “The Hammer” with a 93%-94% trial success rate. While we wish we could tell you more about him – his experience and success in using LIT SOFTWARE apps will have to be enough for now.