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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREJun 6, 2024 10:26:19 AM8 min read

Featured Pro: Ian Richardson


Ian Richardson is a lawyer with Vann Attorneys in Raleigh, North Carolina. Vann Attorneys is a general civil litigation law firm handling a variety of commercial litigation matters, as well as a growing number of personal injury cases. Ian is a trial lawyer with a practice focusing about half in personal injury and half in North Carolinas Business Court, a court similar to the Chancery Court in Delaware. Ians specific focus is the difficult area of child sex abuse cases. His 10-year practice (five with Vann Attorneys) has been based in North Carolina, but he has advocated for sex abuse victims across the United States, admitted pro hoc vice in many states from Indiana to New York, and more.

Ian reached out to us a couple of weeks ago, while in the middle of trial in Maryland, saying, “This is my 5th multi-week jury trial using TrialPad. We have gotten a liability verdict and are about to proceed to damages. I have sold all of my co-counsel on TrialPad during this trial.

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