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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREApr 29, 2019 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Featured Pro: Jim Nosich


Jim Nosich is a Partner in the law firm of Nosich & Ganz in Coral Gables, Florida. His practice consists of both the defense and prosecution of medical malpractice cases, and the LIT SUITE apps have become an integral part of the way he practices. As Jim told us, “I am a regular user of the apps, and I recommend all three to any attorney that will listen.”

TranscriptPad is now the only way he reviews depositions. Jim told us that it while TranscriptPad allows him to summarize testimony by using the amazing built-in reports, he also uses it with the trial judge and opposing counsel for rulings on page and line designations and objections. Jim has found it is the only product that can help argue objections in a courtroom without the headache of passing around stacks of paper loaded with a rainbow of magic marker colorings, sticky notes, and handwritten strikeouts.

While Jim has used TrialPad successfully in trial, his favorite use is for mediation presentations. Jim said, “I find it easy to build a presentation using not only exhibits and deposition testimony (imported directly from TranscriptPad), but TrialPad also allows me to effortlessly edit and present important video and audio evidence.”

At the outset of every matter all of the medical records go into DocReviewPad, perhaps the most useful app to Jim’s practice. “With DocReviewPad, I can assign and later review Issue Codes and Notes I attach to records and individual pages, including, for example, the date of treatment or the type of care provided. Significantly, DocReviewPad reports summarize my entire document set, allowing me to pick up right where I left off if the case is continued for several months.” Most essentially, Jim uses DocReviewPad Issue Codes to organize his records the same way he once had paralegals prepare tabbed binders. Where the stacks of binders once were, there is no more paper, and no more binders. Jim noted that DocReviewPad doesn’t omit all of the paper from his practice, but has significantly reduced it. 

Jim emphasized to us that the greatest benefit he’s seen in his practice is how well the three apps interact with each other. DocReviewPad can send issue coded key pages right to corresponding Key Docs folders that area automatically created in TrialPad; TranscriptPad can generate text impeachment slides in seconds, sending them to TrialPad for instant presentation. TrialPad can easily interact with a number of other native iPad apps, like Photos, or send an exhibit to DocReviewPad to be Bates stamped or split into a smaller exhibit. Jim told us that “The more time you spend using the apps together, the more efficient you become.”

Jim emailed us a review of the apps that ended this way: “Right now, I am typing this on a plane on the way to a deposition with 20 depositions and 3000 pages of medical records. But no binders!!!!!! No paper!!! Just my iPad with TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad.”

We think that says it all.