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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREMar 16, 2017 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Featured Pro: Scott Grossberg


Meet Featured Pro Scott Grossberg. To say Scott is an expert on litigating with Apple products would be an understatement. He’s been paperless and Mac based for many years, and was one of the first users of LIT SOFTWARE’s apps. Based in California, Scott has done iPad for Lawyers seminars with Apple, but perhaps most importantly he quite literally practices what he preaches. Which is exactly why what he preaches is so valuable.

At Scott Grossberg Law, all lawyers have iPads, and using Scott’s example, they are all paperless, mobile, and very effective. The firm didn’t move to iPads for the cool factor – they moved to iPads for efficiency. As Scott puts it, they are a “huge timesaver. With TranscriptPad (he) can do in one hour what used to take half a day.” The OCR searchable reports can be stored and easily found in the cloud. In fact, Scott claims TranscriptPad fundamentally changed they way they work at Grossberg Law.

"If a lawyer using any kind of technology can't find and bring something up in under 30 seconds, the technology is worthless."

In the courtroom, Scott uses TrialPad as well, and has come up with a metric for determining whether a specific technology will be effective in that setting: “30 seconds”. “If a lawyer using any kind of technology can’t find and bring something up in under 30 seconds, the technology is worthless.” That may seem harsh at first, but a modern jury just doesn’t have the patience to watch anyone fumble with a program for more than 30 seconds. TrialPad elegantly addresses the short attention span of juries by allowing the lawyer to find, present, annotate, and call out important parts of a document or photo rather than communicating with someone else to bring it up and do the same thing. It also allows the attorney to modify the presentation on the fly, easily responding to a question from the judge or cue from the jury.

"I don't think a lot of lawyers understand the value of what they are getting (with LIT SOFTWARE's apps)."

Scott reached out to us recently to let us know he’d had a very favorable verdict in a one-month trial using TrialPad. It met the 30-second rule, and worked seamlessly with the technology already in place in the San Bernardino Courthouse where the trial was held. TrialPad performed so well that the court staff complimented him on his efficiency and professionalism in presentation.

Scott told us “I don’t think a lot of lawyers understand the value of what they are getting (with LIT SOFTWARE’s apps).” His business has grown, as clients are happy with his firm’s efficiency, and that same efficiency has allowed the firm to take on more work. The true value of the apps is not just in using them, and seeing what they can do for a judge and jury. The true value is in what they can bring to your practice. Scott and his clients know that – and now you can too.

Check out Scott's technology seminars here: