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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREAug 11, 2016 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Featured Pro: Stephen P. Haber

                                               Featured Pro

We hear from users all the time about how they use our products in their practice. Many users have unique use cases, but Stephen P. Haber of New York might be the Clark Kent/Superman combo of trial presentation! Stephen combines 33 years as a litigator with 17 years of trial presentation technology experience in one of the busiest legal markets in the country – New York City. In both his litigation practice, and his trial presentation business he uses TrialPad.

LIT SOFTWARE took the opportunity of speaking with Stephen earlier this week, and he shared how he uses TrialPad in his practice, and the great value that he brings to his trial presentation company. Many of his trial presentation clients come to him after seeing him present in the courtroom, but what they get from the experience of working with him as a trial presentation consultant is of a much bigger value than what they pay.

For far less than what most trial presentation companies charge, Stephen begins by scanning the entire case file so that there is an electronic copy of everything. Then, working with the attorney by web conference, he helps draw out the main issues in the case, and organize the supporting documentation, all with an eye to how it will be presented in the courtroom. Unlike, most presentation companies, he runs his own successful litigation practice, and so he isn’t necessarily looking for business. Stephen doesn’t try to hide what programs he uses or keep his methods for organization secret. On the contrary, he readily shares what works for him, as well as what hasn’t worked in the past and why. In this way, working on a case with Stephen is like an extended training session on how to do it yourself from case organization to electronic presentation of evidence with TrialPad.

“In every conversation of every trial presentation job I do runs the question ‘Can’t I do this myself?’ I show them that they can.”

Once in court, Stephen brings in the presentation equipment. By the time he’s in the courtroom, he knows the case, its themes, and witnesses inside and out. But best of all, aside from the actual presentation of documents and evidence, Stephen brings his 33 years of litigation experience in New York courtrooms and sits second chair without fee splitting.

We’re very happy that Stephen has chosen TrialPad as the best presentation option and his tool of choice. He expressed to us that he finds it reliable and easy to use, not to mention powerful from a presentation standpoint.

“Part of being a great trial lawyer is reading the jury. If they aren’t following you, you shouldn’t just press on. You have to be able to throw the sledgehammer you’re holding earlier than expected and get the jury back with you. TrialPad lets you do that. It’s a great system. I love it.”

In Stephen’s experience, some attorneys who may have been burned by high-priced or ineffective trial presentation companies turn back to boards, perhaps afraid of picking up and learning presentation technology themselves. If that’s you, you may want to call Stephen P. Haber ( He would be happy to show you how you can make your case presentations more impactful, coherent, and persuasive while making the task of organizing and planning your trial easier than you ever thought possible.