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iPad and Mac Array
LIT SOFTWAREOct 13, 2022 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Mac Apps Are Amazing!

Check out the amazing LIT SUITE for Mac! Early reviews are in, and they are fantastic:
  • Long-time iPad lawyer Cari Pines, Esq. told us, “I just bought a new MacBook Air so I could use TrialPad. It actually saved my life at a hearing last week… (the LIT SUITE for Mac) is the only reason I got a Mac laptop and not a PC.

Get the LIT SUITE for Mac!

Download the LIT SUITE for Mac at no additional cost!
If you are a current LIT SUITE customer, the new Mac apps are yours for free! Because your LIT SUITE subscription is tied to your Apple ID, be sure you are using the same Apple ID on your iPad and your Mac. Then, search the App Store on your Mac for any of the LIT SUITE apps, or use this link to download and try out the LIT SUITE for Mac today!

Want to access one Case File on both your Mac and iPad?
If you have iCloud Drive enabled, you can start a Case File on your Mac, save it to the Desktop or Documents location, then use your iPad to access that same Desktop or Documents location to open and use the Case File (both devices must be using the same Apple ID). Read this quick support article on using iCloud, and how and where to store your your Case Files and get the most out of both platforms:

Is your Mac compatible?
Check this article to see what you need to download and use the new LIT SUITE apps for Mac:

Don't have a Mac, or need to upgrade?
Now you have a great reason to buy one, and here's a link for advice on what Mac to buy:

Don’t forget - we are constantly updating all our apps based on information from our customers. Let us know what you think about the LIT SUITE for Mac!