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Featured Tip: Practice Anywhere with the LIT SUITE


Today’s Featured Tip from a customer in sunny Florida shows that you can practice anywhere with the LIT SUITE.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but anyone who lives in Florida will tell you that a serious downpour can come up very quickly. For anyone traveling up or down the Florida Turnpike, torrential rain causing heavy traffic is more an expectation than a possibility. One LIT SUITE customer faced with that situation shared their story.

“Earlier this year, the LIT SUITE saved my bacon! Early in the morning, I left Miami, heading to Orlando. I was planning to join a Zoom deposition in Orlando and use TrialPad to present documents to the witness. Even though I’d left an hour's leeway, clouds gathered over the turnpike, and I soon found myself stuck in traffic, driving about 5 MPH, with almost no visibility. It became clear to me that I would not make it to Orlando in time to join the deposition.

“With the LIT SUITE, the turnpike exit became my new office space in seconds. It was magical. ”

It was time to formulate a new plan. At the next turnpike exit, I pulled into the service plaza. Although in previous years I might have been worried, this time I was confident. I found a table in a corner near an electric outlet, plugged in my laptop, and opened my iPad. I then connected both to the wireless hotspot on my phone and I was ready to go. With the LIT SUITE, the turnpike exit became my new office space in seconds. It was magical.

The deposition went smoothly, and TrialPad did a fantastic job wirelessly presenting documents from the iPad to the Zoom meeting on the laptop. By the time the deposition was over, the sun was shining again, and I was on my way!”

Want to present with TrialPad over Zoom? Here’s how:


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