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LIT SOFTWARENov 3, 2023 2:00:00 PM1 min read

Featured Tip: Copy and Paste Formatted Citations


TranscriptPad is well known for its search capabilities, highlighting features, advanced issue coding, and wide array of beautiful reports. Recently, we introduced the ability to sync and edit video depositions, too! With all the excitement, it's possible you may have overlooked a fantastic tool that has been there all along: the ability to copy and paste formatted citations from TranscriptPad!

This useful feature has flown under the radar and it is so easy to use.

With the tap of a button, you can copy citations, then paste them anywhere they are needed, with the line formatting intact. For example, you can paste into a Word document, a PowerPoint slide, or even share citations via email or a text message!

Here's how:

Just like highlighting or making a designation in your transcript, start with a simple tap/click on the starting line and ending line of the text you want to cite.

Step 01 with Apple Chrome


Then, tap/click the Share button at the top of the popover... 

Step 02 with Apple Chrome


...and choose Copy, to copy the formatted citation.

Step 03 with Apple Chrome


Open the document or presentation you are working on, and Paste the citation! 

Step 04 with Apple Chrome


After you tap/click the Share button, you can alternatively choose to add your citation to an email or text message, which will automatically open your email or messaging app with the beautifully formatted citation already included in your message.

It really doesn’t get much easier. Try it out today!

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