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Customizable Bates Numbers

Tailor your document identification with fully customizable Bates numbers, offering an array of choices for size, border, color, and placement, adding a professional touch to your documents.

Bates stamping is a great way to have a unique identification number on every page of a document. Bates stamping helps minimize confusion before trial when production sets are exchanged, and during trial to identify individual pages of documents for the record, especially when there are different versions. 

Bates stamping dialog with prefix, placement, size, color, and border

With DocReviewPad, you can assign Bates numbers whenever you like. There are different reasons for assigning them as soon as you import (e.g. you received production from opposing counsel), or right before you export a production set (e.g. you’ve gone through an entire record removing or deleting irrelevant documents and don’t want a numbering gap).

Whenever you decide to assign your Bates stamps, DocReviewPad makes it easy. Tap/click Select to select the document(s) you want to apply Bates numbers to; tap/click Edit and choose Assign/Remove Bates Numbers. You can add a prefix (optional), a separator (optional), enter a starting number, and select where you want the stamp placed on the page(s). If there are existing Bates numbers on the document, you can add a border and/or a background color to distinguish your Bates stamp from any others.

Bates stamping is easy using DocReviewPad!

Cari Pines, Esq.,  a family law attorney practicing in Southern California, told us that one of her favorite things about the LIT SUITE is how DocReviewPad can easily assign Bates numbers to hundreds of documents with thousands of pages in only a couple of seconds. Read more about how Cari uses DocReviewPad:


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