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  • TranscriptPad is an outstanding app for anyone who works with transcripts.

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TrialPad 4.0 Rocked TECHSHOW

In his recap of ABA TECHSHOW, lawyer Bill Wilson of the Third Apple blog writes, “I would have chatted with the folks at Lit Software, but they were constantly swamped.” Sorry about that Bill.

What caused the crowds? TrialPad 4.0 — the culmination of over eight months of work. TrialPad 4.0 is a totally

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Apple Features TrialPad 4.0!

TrialPad 4.0 was released Wednesday, March 26, 2014. At the ABA TECHSHOW, and through email and Twitter, Lit Software has gotten a fantastic response, and wonderful feedback form users and fans! Still, better, we seem to have gotten Apple’s attention. TrialPad 4.0 is the #1 Best New App in the Business section

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TrialPad 4.0 Now Available

After over three years in the App Store, with numerous feature additions and improvements, we are excited to announce the introduction of a completely new app: TrialPad 4.0.

TrialPad 4.0 is the culmination of over 8 months of work creating a totally new app from the ground up, and we’re sure you

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Wireless Wednesday With Lit Software – Part 4

Below is a list of things you need for wireless courtroom presentation with
an iPad, and a list of instructions to make sure everything goes off without
a hitch. Don’t forget they keystone of the process is TrialPad! Buy it here if
you don’t have it already.

What You Will Need
• An Apple

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