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If you haven ‘t yet registered your email address with us, now is a very good time. It’ s easy to do directly from the home page of www.litsoftware.com, or from within TrialPad or TranscriptPad. Our emails are infrequent (about one a month), informational (including Lit Software news, like the new free iBook Quick Start Guide for TrialPad 4.0, user stories, helpful links, and tips on using the apps

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Play PowerPoint or Keynote in TrialPad?

One of the questions we get asked very often is: “How do I play a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation I already created inside of TrialPad?”

TrialPad does not support native PowerPoint or Keynote files, however you can export all the slides as a PDF file to import into TrialPad. You will lose any transitions

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Mac Sparky Features Ian’s Home Screen

One of our favorite blogs here at Lit Software is MacSparky.com, written by podcaster/blogger/lawyer/author David Sparks. If you haven ‘t already got it on your list of blogs to follow, it is a good one to add. This month, MacSparky features the home screen of Lit Software’ s fearless leader, Ian O’Flaherty. Check it out!

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WWDC 2014!

This week a couple of us here at Lit Software are attending Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. You may recognize this conference as the same stage Steve Jobs stood on to introduce revolutionary products from the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad. As developers, we were excited by several of

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