How to Back Up or Share a Case Folder

This quick video shows how to backup or share a TrialPad Case Folder, but the same process can be used to backup or share a Case Folder in TranscriptPad or DocReviewPad. After you back up your Case Folder, you can save your backup for a later date, or share it with someone else!

May we briefly extol the virtues and values of backups: If you’ve worked long hours creating witness folders, annotating documents, and making video clips, you owe yourself a backup copy of all your work. Making the backup is easy (as you’ll see in the video). Once you’ve made your backup, you should store it in a location other than your primary iPad. Consider loading your case onto a second iPad, a location in the cloud, or your laptop.


UPDATE: In September 2017 Apple released iTunes 12.7 which slightly changed the user interface shown in this video. At about the 1:26 mark in the video we say: "Under the Settings section, click on Apps...". The button you should now click on is the "File Sharing" button.